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Our Mission

The mission of Broomfield Volunteer HQ is to connect people and their passions to empower and impact the nonprofit community. Broomfield Volunteer HQ ensures simple sign-up, scheduling and uploads for all nonprofits in the Broomfield area and also acts as a streamlined system for local volunteers to offer their time to the various projects!

Is your organization interested in supporting disaster preparedness and response efforts?

Become a Member of VOAD!

Broomfield Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Broomfield VOAD) is a collaborative and inclusive network consisting of, but not limited to, independent voluntary, community, and faith-based organizations, community and business leaders, and government representatives that may be active in any or all phases of disaster, to include preparedness, response, and recovery.  We work hand-in-hand with the City and County of Broomfield’s Office of Emergency Management to provide support and resources in times of need.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Broomfield Pals Program

Broomfield Pals connects neighbors who can use a helping hand with projects at their homes. The two components of Broomfield Pals include:

  • Snow Pals - provides support with snow shoveling during the winter season
  • Yard Pals - provides support with yard work during the summer season

Residents Requesting Support: Review the requirements below and fill out this application to participate in the Broomfield Pals program. 

  • You are a Broomfield resident.
  • You need volunteer support to complete snow shoveling, yard work, or both services at your home.

Volunteers: Please create an account in VolunteerHub and fill out this application if you or your family are able to assist one of your Broomfield neighbors. You will be matched with a neighbor as close to your home as possible. The volunteer options include:

  • Snow Pals - provide snow shoveling support during the winter season
  • Yard Pals - provide yard work support during the summer season
  • Both Snow Pals & Yard Pals - provide snow shoveling and yard work support year round

Residents and volunteers will be notified via email once a match is made! 

Questions?: Visit or Email